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25. Tax Planning Solutions Made Easy For Advisors With Kevin Lozer, CFP®

Every advisor wants to find better tax planning solutions for their clients.

Are you one of them?

In this episode, Kevin Lozer, co-founder of Holistiplan, joins Jack Martin to share everything you need to know about Holistiplan. Kevin reveals how this tool allows advisors and clients to develop a comprehensive and efficient tax planning strategy.

Kevin discusses:

  • How his time as a financial advisor helped pave the way for starting Holistiplan
  • How Holistiplan helps advisors better serve their clients
  • Ways to approach the “when should I claim my social security?” question
  • How innovative advisors are increasing the value they offer clients 
  • And more!


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About our Guest:

Kevin Lozer, CFP®, is the co-founder of Holistiplan and has been a CFP® professional and financial planner for 13 years. Kevin co-founded Holistiplan to help financial planners serve more people that need tax planning in all stages of life. In addition to creating Holistiplan, Kevin owns a small, solo financial planning practice in Northern Virginia and is a regional board member for the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).