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Episode 3: What You Don’t Know About the SECURE Act Could Impact Your Clients — With Jamie Hopkins

The SECURE Act is a lot more complicated than most advisors realize. 

In this episode of The Breakthrough Advisor, advisor Jamie Hopkins uncovers aspects of the SECURE Act that advisors might be overlooking, including a language conflict that could keep beneficiaries from accessing money before the 10th year. 

In this episode, you will learn

  • Why Jamie isn’t a proponent of taking emotions out of investing
  • Why the SECURE Act is a tax revenue bill at its core
  • What Jamie’s biggest concern with the act is
  • Five actions for advisors to take in response to the act
  • And more

Tune in now to learn what every advisor must know about the SECURE Act.

Resources:  InsurMark | Jamie Hopkins | Jamie Hopkins on Twitter

Episode 2: Are You Building a Sustainable 21st-Century Retirement Planning Business?

Do you know how to build a sustainable business that creates long-lasting value and a highly personalized experience for your clients?

In this episode of The Breakthrough Advisor, InsurMark vice president Jeff Maxey uncovers what InsurMark is doing to help advisors digitally transform and create sustainable 21st-century retirement planning businesses.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What big problem InsurMark is solving in order to help advisors create more value in their businesses
  • Why most advisors aren’t realizing much financial value in their businesses despite there being more potential buyers than sellers
  • How advisors benefit from InsurMark’s ADO brand
  • About the features of Hubbard, InsurMark’s new advisor business platform
  • And more

Tune in now to learn how InsurMark is helping advisors grow their businesses and achieve even greater success.

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In this special episode, we share updates on how we are responding to the COVID-19 situation, how we’re assisting our clients, and what actions we’re advising investors to take during this time of uncertainty. 

Tune in now to learn how the markets are being affected and what we’re doing to help clients during this tumultuous time.

Resources:   InsurMark | Dr. Robert Shiller Whitepaper

Episode 1 – 3 Trends That Are Forever Changing the Advisor Landscape

Are you equipped to be the resource your clients need in the 21st century?

In this episode, Steve Kerns, president and founder of InsurMark, uncovers three irreversible trends that are pushing advisors to adapt or die. Steve also explains how an ADO can help advisors build sustainable businesses and become an invaluable resource to their clients.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What it means to work with an advisor development organization
  • Which technology trends are changing financial services
  • What unchangeable demographic is challenging unequipped advisors
  • Why people are InsurMark’s greatest resource
  • And more!

Tune in to discover three trends that are pushing today’s advisors to adapt or die.

Resources:  InsurMark